Muka Tangata has begun work on a Māori Workforce Development Plan (MWDP) for the food and fibre sector, and are pleased to release a video introduction to the project.

Māori comprise a major positive demographic opportunity for our industries and will make up around a quarter of the under 40 potential workforce by 2040. It is essential that we support Māori workforce participation and success for the future of the sector.

Building on aspects of their 14 industry-specific Workforce Development Plans, the focus of the MWDP will be on Māori success, and how they can support iwi and hapū, whānau, learners, workers, businesses flourish in the food and fibre sector.

To ensure the plan supports your goals and aspirations, we need your whakaaro! Muka Tangata are seeking kōrero and guidance from iwi and hapū, Māori industry leaders, ahu whenua trusts, and all those with expertise on how Māori learn best.

Please email them to get involved and stay updated, and share with others who might be interested! Muka Tangata will be holding webinars, and meeting people kanohi ki te kanohi and online.

If you want to contribute or be kept up to date with this mahi, please email Muka Tangata at: Engagementandpartnerships@mukatangata.nz

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