Our members represent
a diverse cross section of Māori Business
including forestry, fisheries,
agriculture, tourism, energy,
property and investments.

Together we work towards sustainable economic
prosperity for our whānau, our communities and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Hierarchy of Māori Rights and Responsibilities

Māori Rights and Responsibilities relevant to the Resource Management Reforms.
-- Te Tai Kaha Māori Collective

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Ki nga whakaeke haumi - 'Align yourself with those who have already banded together'

In 1974 a Commission of Inquiry into Māori Reserved Land, the Sheehan Commission, reported to parliament.

The commission was largely concerned with the perpetual leasehold (LIP) dimension of Māori Reserved Land and the associated injustice imposed on Māori Land owners. One of the commissioners, Rolland O’Regan, a well-recognised expertise in both LIP and land valuation policy, had a major influence on the commission’s findings and report.