FOMA: Fast Track Approvals Bill Primer

FOMA: Fast Track Approvals Bill Primer

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What is the Fast-track Approvals Bills?
It creates a process to speed up approval for
“significant” development and infrastructure projects,
• Puts a lot of power in the hands of three Government
• Gets rid of legal protections for our environment
• Disrespects Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Why should we be concerned about this Bill?
The Bill concentrates a huge amount of power in the
hands of just three Ministers.
There is no Te Tiriti clause, and very weak protections
for Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
The Bill discriminates between settled and unsettled
This Bill could do real damage to the environment.

Oppose this Bill:
Submissions to the Environment Committee on the
Fast-track Approvals Bill close at 11.59pm on Friday, 19
April 2024.
To make a submission go to
For more information on the Bill, and a draft
submission template select button below:

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